It was reported today that the Yankees are meeting with free agent ace pitcher Cliff Lee.  This is a major development in what is the biggest free agent of the offseason.

Whichever team is successful in acquiring this ace will be very fortunate and it will definitely hurt their pocket book, but that is no problem for the Yankees.

Lee, the 32 year old pitcher out of Arkansas, has been on a roller coaster the past few years traveling from team to team.  In the past few years, he has been with Philadelphia, Seattle and Texas.  Over his career, he has had 102 wins with 61 losses and an ERA of 3.85.

The Yankees are just trying to add to their already stacked pitching line-up with the addition of what would be Lee to their starting rotation.

If the Yankees were to land him, they would have one of the top one-two punches in baseball with Cliff Lee and CC Sebathia.

Although the acquisition would be great for the Yankees, it would hurt baseball in general.

The Rangers would pretty much be left without an ace.  Having a loaded Yankees team would hurt the game and bring less attention to the smaller markets that have driven baseball over the last season.

If the Yankees were to win this big time acquisition, it would just hurt the game and be bad for baseball, although it wouldn’t hurt the game that much, it would still leave a sting on the small markets such as the ones in Texas.

If Lee signs with the Yankees, they will be everyone’s favorites for the 2011 World Series, but we all know, money doesn’t buy championships.

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