The Cleveland Indians find themselves just two wins away from reaching the World Series, but their incredible postseason run has not come without controversy.

Well, “controversy.”

Back in the American League Division Series, the Boston Red Sox hinted that they believed the Indians were stealing signs on their way to a sweep. Cleveland responded to that accusation with this awesome tweet:

Toronto Blue Jays star Jose Bautista apparently didn’t learn from that situation—because he set himself up to get trolled.

Cleveland defended its home field by winning the first two games of the American League Championship Series. As the series headed north, Bautista told Bruce Arthur of the Toronto Star there were “circumstances” the Blue Jays have had to deal with to start the series.

Per the Indians, those “circumstances” were dominant Cleveland pitchers:

But wait…there’s more!

Whether you like the Tribe or not, there is no denying they have the best Twitter account in all of baseball. Anyone who decides to run their mouth better be prepared to deal with the consequences—because the Indians will clap black.

[Cleveland Indians]

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