The Reds have been given permission to recognize the 25th anniversary of Pete Rose breaking Ty Cobb’s all-time hits record.  Rose recorded his 4,192nd hit on September 11, 1985.  

Major League Baseball has tried to make Rose a ghost in Cincinnati and throughout baseball.  The Reds sell jerseys with “Bench—5”, “Morgan—8” and “Perez—24” on the back.  However, the “14” jersey that is sold in the team shop is without a name.

Hopefully, this is a step in the right direction toward Rose being integrated back into the game or at least into the Hall of Fame.  With all of the problems in sports today, allowing a man who made a mistake over 20 years ago to be honored for a remarkable achievement seems like the least the commissioner’s office can do.

It also seems that Fay Vincent has a serious case of the goo about Bud Selig allowing Rose to be honored

When I am retired, I plan on relaxing and spoiling my grandchildren.  I assume that most people who are fortunate enough to retire from the workforce want to live a stress-free lifestyle that does not involve them sticking their nose in the business of their former employer.

Translation: Mr. Vincent, nobody cares what you think.  You sound like a bitter and jealous old man.  Please shut your mouth and just go away.

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