When this trade was made two years ago, the Texas Rangers were getting a big time question mark, a guy who had tons of natural ability, but people weren’t quite sure if he could put it all together and stay healthy.

The Reds, in desperate need of arms, got a man who had great stuff, but from all indications, had a bit of an attitude problem.

As Hamilton ascends into superstardom, playing a key role for the Rangers in this year’s postseason, many are thinking that the Reds got robbed in this deal, in hindsight.

I’m here to say that I would do this trade all over again, and wouldn’t even think twice.

First off, does anyone not remember the trainwreck that was Cincinnati Reds starting pitching back then?  We had “aces” such as Kyle Lohse, Matt Belisle, and Eric Milton that were showcased in the 2007 season.

Clearly, the Reds needed an upgrade in that department, and Volquez, though he struggled in the latter half of the 2008 season, put together a first half of the season that still stands out as one of the more spectacular displays of pitching I have ever seen in these parts.

In Texas, Hamilton was a great story in his own right that year, living up to his hype, and winning an emotionally charged home run derby in the process.

The parallels between the two men continued the following season, but for the worse.

Hamilton couldn’t stay healthy, and Volquez underwent his Tommy John surgery.

In this current season, Hamilton is arguably the American League MVP, and Volquez had his rocky moments in his recovery process, but pitched well enough down the stretch to be nominated as the game one starter in the NLDS vs. the Phillies.

With that said, why do I stand by this trade?

First off, lets judge Volquez when he has a full season next year and is further removed from his surgery.

As for Hamilton, I’m still a big fan of the guy, but how long will his body hold up for?  I hope he can continue to do his thing, but it seems like a big question mark.

Plus, if we have learned anything from this year’s postseason, is that you need a true ace to win.  Cliff Lee, not Hamilton, is the most important player for the Rangers.

Volquez, given time, can possibly morph into the ace that the Reds need.


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