When the 2014 season opens for the Chicago White Sox, the composition of the 25-man roster will be quite different from the one that ended last season with a 63-99 record, and that’s a good thing for both the White Sox and their fans.

There was, after all, no way that the team could move forward without making some significant changes. They needed to upgrade in so many areas that a complete overhaul was most certainly in order.

From bringing in three young prospects and three new pitchers to hiring a new hitting coach, general manager Rick Hahn has been a busy man, and each of the moves he’s made so far have had positive and negative repercussions for the players directly and indirectly involved.

With that as a rather ambiguous launching point, let’s take a look at some of the White Sox’s winners and losers to this point, with a dishonorable mention to lead us off.

Unless otherwise noted, all statistics are courtesy of Baseball-Reference.com. Salary information is taken from Cots Contracts.

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