Why would anyone pick the Chicago White Sox to win the American League Central?

I know I sure didn’t going into this season and it was simply because they can’t beat the Minnesota Twins.

Until the Chicago White Sox prove they can beat the Twins, there is never any reason to pick them to win the AL Central.

People continually wonder why the White Sox get no “respect” in the division and how the Twins keep winning the division with players no one heard of. The White Sox get no respect because they can’t beat the Twins, but they’ll continually smirk at them, knowing they’ll be one and done in the playoffs.

Sitting on your couch at home laughing is far more pathetic than going to the playoffs and losing.

Once again, another year, another losing record to the Twins and going quietly into October.

5-12 (my guess is 5-13 after tonight), 6-12, 9-10, 9-9, 9-10.

The White Sox do not having a winning record against the Twins since 2005 and they play them as if they are an older brother they simply can’t beat up, waiting to lose instead of trying to win.

The White Sox manager glorifies the Twins as if they are the greatest team in the history of baseball. Perhaps Ozzie will be lucky enough to be part of their coaching staff soon.

Players on the Twins literally push the White Sox around and there is no push back.

Why has Delmon Young not been plunked after going away from home plate to send his forearm after A.J. Pierzynski’s face at a play at the plate in Minnesota?

Sox used that adrenaline for an inning then promptly blew that game as well in walk-off fashion, pushing the incident aside and of course, glorifying the Twins for good play.

There are no more Metrodome excuses, White Sox. They are a better team until you say otherwise.

Their speed gets on base more and doesn’t get caught stealing as much. Their middle part of the order doesn’t take two months off. Their defense doesn’t have holes in two outfield spots and third base. Their DH spot isn’t struggling to bat over .200 and have an on-base percentage over .300. They hit with runners in scoring position, even with two outs, which I know is a shocking concept to you.

Their team is going to the playoffs and while they very well may be one and done, what does that say about you?

They may win with “nobodies”, but that is better than overpaying old somebodies to lose.

Another year as the favorites topped by the more consistent and better team.

What excuses do you have now, White Sox?

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