I know I’ve hardly been a beacon glowing in the otherwise dark night of the Chicago Cubs. In fact, you might say I’m much more of a realist than most Cubs fans.

Still, always looking at the grim realities can become downright boring and so, in an attempt to liven up my day, allow me to put on the ol’ rose-colored glasses and search out reasons to be hopeful that 2011 will be a better year than 2010 for us Cubs fans.

For one, it can’t be much worse. Sure, the season ended with a nice stretch run following the long overdue goodbye to Sweet Lou, but we all know that was too little, too late to save a dismal season.

But I truly feel that GM Jim Hendry, who would be collecting unemployment if I owned the team, did a pretty fair job this winter given what he had to work with. Now, most of the limitations in terms of payroll were the result of his own previously bad decisions, but at least he did the best he could at saving face.

Meanwhile, it also doesn’t hurt that the division is there for the taking, with the most improved team, Milwaukee, struggling with injuries to their two new starters. Meanwhile, the Cards missing their ace for the season and the Reds also facing some injuries.

So let’s take a look at the top 10 reasons why this could be a surprisingly good season for the Cubs.  

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