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First off, I’d like to welcome myself back from my weekend vacation without Internet or cable. I was unable to watch any of the games or do any sort of reporting, but it’s OK—I’m back now. From looking at the final score of these games, it seemed like the Mets were in all these games. This seems to be a reoccurring theme for this season: The Mets are just one hit or pitch away for getting a victory, but they fail to get it.

This team’s “collapse” seemed to start about the time Carlos Beltran made his return. I don’t think it’s because of Beltran—it would be crazy to think that. However, Beltran isn’t the same player he use to be, you can just see it. Right now, he is not the best center fielder on this team—that title belongs to Angel Pagan.

With the Mets trying new things, like bringing up Fernando Martinez and Ruben Tejada and letting go Alex Cora, they should try moving Beltran to right field. At this point, it would be the best thing for him and the team.

I’m sure Beltran won’t be happy about it, but he needs to do whatever this team needs him to do. If he doesn’t want to, he’ll be wearing a different uniform.

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