Yesterday, I posted a quick recap of Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran’s rehab progress, or lack thereof. In it I wrote that he had started light baseball activities, but that he was still experiencing pain.

It turns out that as I was writing that Beltran was working out. He told Newsday that while the progress has been slow, he was finally able to run without pain. That’s great news.

“Thank God there’s no pain,” Beltran told Newsday at the team’s Florida complex. “It’s a learning process for me to start running again, so right now I’m thinking about how to make it perfect. Today was the first day I ran and didn’t have to think about it. I was happy with today. Today was a pretty good day.”

Beltran also noted that the arthroscopic surgery that he had on his knee was actually a less invasive procedure than one doctors also gave him as an option. Instead, they could have performed micro fracture surgery that would have kept him out the entire 2010 season. So as long as this injury is taking for him to recover, at least he’s playing this season.

“They told me, ‘We want to try everything before that. Before that we’re going to try everything from A to Z, different things that we believe can help you,’” Beltran told the newspaper. “It’s been a slow, slow progress, but it’s been progress, that’s what I’m happy about.”

At this point, there have been a few different versions of the story from different sources. Nonetheless, it is great news that Beltran is getting closer to coming back.

It has been widely speculated that it would take him about six weeks to return once he was healthy enough to resume baseball activities. I’m a little skeptical that is 100 percent accurate, but if he is really without pain now, Beltran is looking at a return towards the last week of June.


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