After giving the Ike Davis for Prince Fielder trade some time to be debated, I’d like to propose another possible trade option for the 2011 New York Mets.

It would involve the Mets trading Carlos Beltran and some minor leaguers (maybe a pitcher and one of Duda or Evans) to the Kansas City Royals for Zack Greinke and David DeJesus.

This deal would involve many moving parts so here is the rationale I have to support it.

Beltran is due to make $18 million this upcoming season. Naturally, the last thing the Royals want to add is an aging slugger due that much money. The Mets would have to pay for at least half of Beltran’s salary, something they might be willing to do if the right deal comes along.

Beltran would benefit from playing in his old stomping grounds. There would be no pressure on him, he would not have to speak to the media too often and he might even be able to play CF, all things that would sit well with Carlos.

Now let’s look at the Royals players. Mr. Greinke is coming off a pretty brutal year that saw him go 10-14 with a 4.17 ERA. Keep in mind he did play for the Royals, not exactly an offensive powerhouse.

Greinke would certainly benefit from a change of scenery. He is only one year removed from a Cy Young award season where he finished 16-8 with a 2.17 ERA and a whopping 242 strikeouts. There is no question he is an ace in this league.

So why would the Royals want to trade their young stud? Well, Greinke is owed $13.5 million each of the next two years. Royals GM Dayton Moore has already said that if the team cannot sign Zack to an extension beyond 2012, it may be in the Royals best interest to trade him and net some young prospects.

Then there’s DeJesus, who only played in 91 games this year due to injury. I’m not sure what his health status will be leading into next season, but for argument’s sake I’ll assume he’ll be healthy.

To me, DeJesus is a prototypical National League player. He’s a contact hitter with a .289 career average, plays an excellent right field defense, can maybe steal a few bases and has a little bit of pop in his lefty bat.

If the Mets acquired DeJesus while trading Beltran, Angel Pagan would slide into center with DeJesus in right. DeJesus could possibly hit second or maybe even third in the Mets order, but his value is flexible enough so that he could even hit sixth or seventh.

If this trade were to be a possibility, it would hinge on the who the Mets were willing to give up from their farm system. Would they trade a Jenrry Mejia type prospect for Greinke? I can see them pulling the trigger with Nick Evans or even Lucas Duda (though Duda may develop into a big time power hitter), but the real question will be who is the pitching prospect, or even prospects, the Royals would seek. I’m sure Mejia’s name would be brought up. Maybe the Mets would be more willing to part with Dillon Gee?

Once again, I wanted to just present the facts of this trade. You see now how each player would fit in the their new teams and what would be at stake. I’m not going to give my thoughts on this one for awhile. I want to hear what the fans think. Would you make the trade if it involved Mejia? Gee? Another prospect? Not at all?

With Johan Santana’s future uncertain, the Mets need a top of the rotation type starter. Unless they throw the entire kitchen sink at Cliff Lee, there aren’t many affordable options on the free agent market. So a trade may be the only possibility.

Feel free to debate this issue. I look forward to hearing what fans have to say about this.

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