The Chicago Cubs have suspended pitcher Carlos Zambrano indefinitely after a dugout tirade during Friday’s 6-0 loss to the cross-town White Sox.

Zambrano had to be restrained and separated from teammate Derrek Lee after he gave up four runs in the bottom half of the first inning at US Cellular Field.

Presumably, the issue was that Lee let a ground ball get by him at first base prior to Zambrano giving up a three-run home run.

Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry had this to say about the suspension:

“His conduct wasn’t acceptable… his actions toward his teammates and staff were not acceptable.”

“He will not be at the ballpark tomorrow. We’ll play with 24. We’ll play with 24 before we tolerate that kind of behavior.”

Cubs Manager Lou Piniella added, “He was ranting and raving and out of control.”

“We just couldn’t tolerate that. It was embarrassing. There’s no excuse for this, none at all.”

Piniella also said that he supported Hendry’s decision.

Lee would not discuss the situation, but said the team would stick together.

It’s been a rough year for Zambrano, who has gone 3-5 with a 5.10 ERA. He was also demoted to the bullpen earlier in the season.

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