Over the past week, Bleacher Report has been going position by position and rounding up the top 100 players available in free agency and trades in the 2016-2017 MLB offseason.

Now it’s time to put them all in one basket.

Each player was subjected to a scoring system that weighed his desirability in terms of talent, durability and value. Position players and starting pitchers could get as many as 100 points. Relief pitchers could get as many as 85 points.

For more on how the system worked, you can check out any of the individual position slideshows:

Some things have required updating since the publications of the individual positional rankings. New players have joined the list. Others have had their situations updated. But on the whole, we’re mostly here to present a list of 100 players to keep an eye on this winter.

Along the way, you’ll find links to relevant data at Baseball-Reference.comFanGraphsBrooks BaseballBaseball ProspectusBaseball Savant and StatCorner.

So take it away.

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