Alex Rodriguez can’t catch a break.

After the national media had a field day with him, many fans have attempted to get the best of the Yankees slugger as well.

According to Eric Randall of Boston Magazine, Boston Sports Club (a Boston-area gym) decided to get in on the action and take a shot at A-Rod with an ad on the front page of the Boston Herald.

The ad says, “Alex, losing $34 million? don’t miss our summer sale. Join today and keep that A-bod.”

The $34 million is in reference to the amount of money A-Rod will lose if he is suspended the full 211 games MLB suspended him for his role in the Biogenesis scandal.

While you do have to admire the gym’s love at bashing New Yorkers (as evidenced by their Anthony Weiner ads), this was a fail in my book.

It was a failed attempt at humor where they really missed the boat.

The gym could have hit upon the time off Rodriguez would have, and how they could keep him in shape without the aid of PEDs. Or their personal trainers can give customers a body they’ve always wanted without the aid of PEDs.

Randall thought it was a good ad, giving the club “extra points for the ‘A-bod’ pun.”

Of course, Bostonians love any time you can put down the Yankees or a player on the Yankees, so it was likely a hit in Boston.

In the end, advertisers know their market, and that’s what they aimed for in this ad.

The bottom line is, we’ll continue to see a lot more stories, ads, columns, etc., that bash Rodriguez. Until there is a final solution to this matter, Rodriguez will continue to be at the forefront of the national media.

And that’s just exactly what we wanted to see…right?

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