Thursday in his article for the Providence Journal, Brian MacPherson brought up the excellent point that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have themselves a log-jam of sorts with first baseman.

Obviously, the Angels are not going to be parting ways with Albert Pujols.

After all, he is only one of the greatest players to ever take the field. What’s more, he also is in the first year of a 10-year, $240 million contract that makes him a permanent fixture with the Angels until 2021.

MacPherson lists Kendry Morales as a potential candidate for the Red Sox. Certainly, his potential is attractive, especially considering the cost would be relatively low for him.

During the 2010 season, Morales had a breakout year. He had a career best .306/.355/.569/.924 batting line with 173 hits, 43 doubles, 34 home runs with 108 RBI and 86 runs scored.

In other words, he would be the ideal fit to play in Fenway.

However, in his six seasons in the big leagues, that is the only time Morales has shown that type of production, which makes one weary that the 29-year-old could replicate those numbers in Boston, if even at a low risk salary.

That being said, the Boston Red Sox should absolutely go hard after 26-year-old Mark Trumbo. He is a first baseman by trade being squeezed in as a DH and outfielder where available. The signing of Pujols coupled with the breakout performance of Mike Trout has given Trumbo less value to the Angels than he had one year ago.

In just his second full season for the Angels, Trumbo has proven himself to be a beast on a team full of beasts.

With the Angels, the team has an embarrassment of riches and quality players. It is sort of like trying to pick your favorite Led Zeppelin album, there is just so much good to choose from.

In 278 career games, Trumbo owns a career .262/.308/.491/.799 batting line. This season has truly been his coming out party. He owns a .278/.332/.522/.854 batting line with 128 hits, 30 home runs, 16 doubles and 81 RBI.

To reiterate the fact, he is only 26-years old. His ceiling is nowhere near being reached.

Trumbo, in 34 career games owns a .316/.34/.693/1.038 batting line with four doubles and 13 home runs against the American League East opponents… in their ballparks.

On the whole he has played AL East opponents (not named the Red Sox) 68 times with 15 doubles and 17 home runs, posting a .281/.305/.550/.855 batting line.

In short, he’d be a phenomenal addition to a rebuilt Red Sox lineup in 2013 and would be a guy under team control until 2017.

Don’t be fooled though, he would not come cheap. The Angels would likely be after some more young prospects, however, the Red Sox have plenty to offer up.

Is this a deal that could come to fruition? Possibly. Should it come to fruition? In a perfect world…

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