The Boston Red Sox had until 2:00 PM EST to work out a contract extension with Adrian Gonzalez, and according to multiple sources, the two sides failed to come to an agreement.

However, this trade has been completed and the Red Sox will wait until spring training to work out a deal with Gonzalez. This is a huge change of events because, to be honest, I was writing about how this deal fell through about 10 minutes ago.

If the Red Sox didn’t pull this off, it would have given them a second negotiation black eye to match the one they got in the Mark Teixeira debacle two winters ago. Now, with a four-month window to negotiate, I would fully expect the Red Sox to get this deal done.

Don’t be surprised if the Red Sox and Gonzalez work out a deal in spring training, but announce the deal until after Opening Day. They did the same thing with Josh Beckett last year. Announcing deals like these after Opening Day helps Boston when it comes to the luxury tax.

A press conference is schedule for Monday to officially announce the trade.

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