When looking at the Mets this year, fans can see there is one thing they truly lack: charisma. Jerry Manuel is known for his laid back attitude and approach to the game. So far this has been terribly unsuccessful. He has a 152-157 record since taking over as Mets manager midway through the 2008 season. Mediocrity is not acceptable in New York.

The Mets need a charismatic manager who brings fire and passion to the game. The team needs to be energized. The perfect manager for the job is Bobby Valentine. If you watch Baseball Tonight, you can see Valentine’s love of the game.

It is fairly obvious that Valentine would love to manage in the majors again. A lasting image from his stint as manager of the Mets occurred when he was ejected from a game and came back an inning later in sunglasses and a fake mustache.

This shows dedication to the team. Valentine wanted to be out there to help the team regardless of the consequences. When asked about the incident, Valentine said he did it to lighten up the team. Anyone who has seen the documentary The Zen of Bobby V cannot question Valentine’s passion.

He understands the game of baseball. Fans of the Chiba Lotte Marines, the Japanese he managed, practically worshiped Valentine. Valentine brings a positive aura to the teams he coaches. While Valentine is a character, he is also able to bring managerial skills with him. No other manager would have been…

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