In what many expect to be a busy offseason for the Blue Jays, news and rumors are running rampant around the Blue Jays already, and most of these rumors are centered around 2009 CY Young Award Winner Zack Greinke.

With the majority of the focus on many upper echelon teams such as the Texas Rangers, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Boston Red Soxwho will look to sign Cliff Lee and Carl Crawfordthe Blue Jays are opting for a more straight forward approach to getting roster help this offseason.

There is talk that the Kansas City Royals are already looking to deal the right-handed Greinke according to Toronto Sun Blue Jays Columnist Bob Elliott, and it appears the Blue Jays are extremely high on this kid, despite the hefty $13 million dollar price tagthe main reason why he’s on the Royals trading block to begin with.

The Royals and General Manager Dayton Moore are supposedly asking for two can’t-miss prospects or young roster players as a starting point in any deals involving Greinke, along with additional prospects to be included in the deal.

The deal would probably have to start with SP Kyle Drabek and possibly either JP Arencibia, Zach Stewart or Travis D’Arnaud as a starting point in any trade talks.

Is it worth the risk for possibly only two years of Greinke?

If I was GM, I wouldn’t be doing the deal unless Greinke was signed long-term to at least a five-year deal, but as you can see that’s just me.

Grienke, 26, was 10-14 with a 4.17 ERA in 33 starts this season in what many believe to of been an off-year for him.

Greinke, who has battled anxiety disorders earlier in his career, could be spooked by the “Big Smoke” and all the fanfare that comes with playing in one of the largest cities in North America.

However, baseball in Toronto right now isn’t very popular and Greinke, I believe, could handle pitching in Toronto. It remains to be seen whether Greinke would waive his no-trade clause to come to Toronto.

The Blue Jays have also inquired about 3B/OF Alex Gordon. Gordon, who is playing a similar role that Jose Bautista played last year, appears to be a victim of Mike Moustakas in Kansas City and the Royals may be looking to deal him as well if they want a more experienced outfielder.

Gordon started as the Royals third baseman before being demoted to Triple-A Omaha in May to play the outfield. Gordon batted .215 with eight homers and 20 RBIs in 74 games with the Royals. He hit .315 with three homers and 44 RBIs in 68 games at Omaha in the Pacific Coast League, the same league C JP Arencibia demolished last season.

With news already out that David DeJesus has been dealt to the Oakland Athletics for Vin Mazzaro and pitching prospect Justin Marks, the Royals appear to be willing to wheel and deal this offseason, so if the Jays want some quality pieces, they appear to be flying off the shelves in Kansas City.

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