I’ve been thinking about writing some MLB articles, and this is the first one of what I hope to be many.

So far this MLB season, when I hear about the best pitchers in the game, I hear about Roy Halladay (Phillies), Johan Santana (Mets), Felix Hernandez, and Cliff Lee (Mariners), but let me bring up the guy who I think is the best pitcher in baseball, Josh Johnson.

Johnson is the Marlins ace pitcher at this point in time, and he’s only 26 years old. So far this season, Johnson is 9-3, with a 1.70 ERA (best in the majors), and 123 strikeouts. Those numbers are very impressive. Let’s compare him with Roy Halladay. Halladay is 10-7 this season, with a 2.33 ERA, and 119 strikeouts. So if you look at it, Johnson has a better record and ERA, and more strikeouts than Halladay does.

Another factor that comes into play is the two teams these two pitchers play for. Halladay is on a very talented Phillies squad, although they have been having a lot of injuries. Still, the Phillies probably have more talent even when injured than the Marlins do when healthy.

Johnson has great power on his pitches, but he also has a great ability to control the movement of the ball. Honestly, I really do believe he is the best pitcher in the majors right now, he just doesn’t get recognized as much because he plays for the Marlins, and when he doesn’t start they don’t get a lot of convincing wins.


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