The baseball season may be over, but the celebration is just beginning in Boston. The Red Sox made their way through the city to share the 2013 World Series championship with fans lining the streets. 

This was not just a chance to acknowledge what this Red Sox team did, but also to show the heart, spirit and determination of Boston after the tragedy that occurred on Patriots’ Day. 

The parade made a special stop at the site where the Boston Marathon ended to put the World Series trophy and a pair of “Boston Strong 617” Red Sox jerseys at the finish line. 

It was a very emotional moment for everyone involved, with players embracing city leaders and citizens. There were also fans chanting for their city during the parade. 

David Ortiz also took a moment to honor the victims of the bombings and the spirit of Boston by running across the finish line. 

On a much lighter note, no celebration with this year’s Red Sox team would be complete without beards. The duck boats that were used to carry the players and executives around town were covered with their own special facial hair. 

These boats weren’t just for riding around the streets of Boston. After they made their way through the parade route, it was time to take a dip in the Charles River for one final victory lap. 

Steve Horgan, the police officer who was in the bullpen when David Ortiz hit a grand slam in Game 2 of the American League Championship Series, reenacted his now-famous pose with fans sitting in the seats at Fenway Park. 

During the pre-parade celebration in the park, season ticket holders were treated to a special concert from the Dropkick Murphys and got to see all of the players before hitting the streets. 

Fans also got a chance to see Ortiz, the World Series MVP, get awarded with a championship belt that would make Aaron Rodgers jealous. 

Dustin Pedroia did an interview with NESN during the celebration at Fenway Park. He talked about how he’s getting used to this winning stuff, and he outlined his plans for his beard during the offseason.

As a beard advocate, I strongly disagree with anyone getting rid of facial hair for any reason.

After all the celebrating in the park was done, the Red Sox took to the streets to let the rest of the city in on the party. 

Jon Lester, who had a compelling case to be named MVP of the World Series with two great pitching performances, made sure to get pictures of the people lining the streets. 

How spoiled has the city of Boston been by its sports teams in recent years? Check out this awesome sign made by a Red Sox fan attending the parade. 

Remember when Boston used to be a city full of pessimistic sports fans hoping their teams would fall out of contention early enough to avoid the heartbreak that came with finding hope? That seems so long ago.  

You can’t find a more successful sports city in the United States over the last 13 years, with the Red Sox and Patriots leading the charge with three championships each since 2000. 

It was a strange, unpredictable year in the city of Boston and for the Red Sox. The two sides came together in spectacular fashion to celebrate life, honor victims of tragedy, embrace what it means to be a family and conquer the baseball world one more time. 

Congratulations to the Red Sox and all of the fans for an unforgettable year!


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