Some guys just hog all the attention.

Yes, Alex Rodriguez. This would be us looking in your general direction.

For the past couple weeks, seemingly every sports headline has had something or another to do with the New York Yankees veteran third baseman. That’s partially because A-Rod is finally back playing after missing the bulk of the year recovering from offseason hip surgery, and partially because he’s back playing at all, period. For a while there, it seemed like a sure bet that a Biogenesis suspension would end Rodriguez’s season, if not his whole career.

It sure would be great if nobody had to talk about Rodriguez, because it just so happens that many awesome things are happening in his shadow.

For example, how ‘bout them Tigers and Braves, eh? And those Pirates! Oh, and how about the amazing amazingness of guys like Mike Trout, Matt Harvey and Clayton Kershaw!

These are the topics that B/R Pop Culture Lead Writer Gabe Zaldivar settled on when we got together to discuss our favorite non-A-Rod storylines that have been going on in Major League Baseball. Coincidentally, there were cameras nearby to catch our ramblings on tape.

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