Battle of the Blogs Fantasy Baseball reached its midway point last week. The league has become very competitive, while remaining a friendly competition among bloggers from all over the country.

Some teams are off to fantastic starts, while others will be playing catch-up the rest of the season or preparing for next year. It’s just like live baseball.

The top team in the league at the halfway point is Royals Junkie , which has dominated the league thus far. Royals Junkie has 127 wins already. The next closest team has only 109. The Kansas City Royals blogger has an overall record of 127-61-12, good for a .665 winning percentage .

Six teams have over 100 wins. Royals Junkie is joined by Royally Speaking (109), Yankee GM (109), Double G Sports (104), On The Black (102), and Astros County (101) as teams that have surpassed the 100-win mark. These six teams are crammed into two divisions. Royals Junkie and Double G Sports are together in the Willie Mays Division, while the other four are all packed into a very tight Hank Aaron Division.

Royals Junkie has also been the most active owner with 52 transactions to this point. The owner with the next-most transactions is Lady Loves Pinstripes with 24. The Oriole Post and Yankees Chic Chat have not made a singe move so far this season. Time to investigate the owners’ inactivity?

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