As the Riddler and the Penguin are reprimanded for their diabolical deeds, a city swoons, a nation melts and Batkid goes home for a well-deserved afternoon nap. 

Chances are you’ve heard of this Batkid fellow. He is a caped crusader who, with the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, made a leukemia patient’s comic-book dream come true. 

As USA Today‘s Marco della Cava reports, five-year-old Miles was granted his wish of donning the cowl and helping the denizens of Gotham City. 

The city of San Francisco heard his plea and answered the call, delivering an awesome Batman experience that usurped anything director Joel Schumacher ever did with the franchise. 

By the end of the day, we learned that the Penguin had kidnapped San Francisco Giants mascot Lou Seal, and it was up to Batkid and his trusty companion, Batman to save him.

ESPN summed it up: 

Thanks to Make-A-Wish Bay Area, we have a fantastic look at how it all went down inside the stadium:

A wonderful story captured the hearts of nearly everyone around the nation, no doubt causing many to continuously hit refresh on their Twitter feeds to find out what happened next. 

And the sports world was as enamored with the entire spectacle as anyone. 

The 49ers and coach Jim Harbaugh tipped their collective caps: 

The Warriors and Stephen Curry chimed in with some love: 

The San Francisco Chronicle went above and beyond to craft the perfect Gotham City masthead:

The outpouring of reaction to the story continued as ample reporters, columnists and athletes put in their two cents on a moment that really served to invigorate the soul. 

Now it may be a tad “kumbaya” to say, but I don’t care. There is so much cynicism and negativity found nowadays in tweets and YouTube comments and the multitude of social-media spheres. However, on one day in November, we were all fans of one superhero. 

The Giants’ mascot is now safe and free to rouse the baseball crowds again once the season starts. I have no idea what the Penguin and the Riddler were thinking, because they had to know all their dastardly plans would be thwarted. 

Because the adorable little Miles has a way of fighting all that stands in his way.

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