1: The key to building any successful baseball team is the foundation. That means building a solid base in the minor leagues that continually supplies the major league team with a stream of quality players, both position players and pitchers.

It also means not only drafting and scouting players, but getting the most out of their ability, and utilizing them to their strengths to become the best possible player they can be.

You have to be able to develop them and you have to be able to develop stars. That will keep your costs down on the major league roster and is the only way to build a successful team for the long term year in and year out.

There are many steps involved in building a championship franchise. Having a plan is the key. Those teams that are successful have a way that they do things and a philosophy in place.

Luck always plays a part, but having a plan and sticking to it helps you get lucky.

This is my way to build a baseball team, and these are my ideas.

Read, learn, and enjoy.

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