Super Bowl winners dump gallons of Gatorade over their coach’s head. The NBA Finals conclude with stormy champagne showers. NHL champions sip (or guzzle) from Lord Stanley’s Cup. In short, sports celebrations are inexplicably intertwined with the decidedly messy utilization of food and beverage.

One MLB team, however, will part with a similar time-honored tradition. The Baltimore Orioles put an end to their beloved victory commemoration: a postgame pie in the face.  

The announcement, which came from notable sweet-smashing instigator Adam Jones via Twitter, began with some serious foreshadowing. 

Then, of course, the news came: no more celebratory on-field dessert consumption. But why?

As it turns out, the gleeful pranking has been deemed hazardous.

Is it the sugar intake? The terrifying tin? Perhaps the velocity of the impact itself is cause for concern?

Regardless of the reason for the tomfoolery’s abandonment, fans can still expect to see some horseplay. Jones isn’t abandoning antics of all kinds. In fact, he’s already fielding alternative ideas.

If his hashtags #PantsThem and #Swirly are any indication, however, his teammates may soon be lamenting the change in protocol.

[Twitter, h/t the Big Lead]

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