A glaring hole in the Atlanta Braves’ lineup since Rafael Furcal left for free agency after the 2005 season has been consistent on-base percentage and speed. Not coincidentally, the Braves’ postseason hopes have been mostly held in check since that time.

Though Frank Wren has stated he is done making major moves this offseason after acquiring Dan Uggla, the need for speed at the top of the order is clearly evident. If the right proposal came along, could Wren find himself adding a top-of-the-order hitter? In a game that is returning to a base of moving runners from station to station, having a disruptor on base could be quite beneficial to the middle of the order.

Though a free agent like Carl Crawford would be far too expensive for Atlanta, there are still a number of potential candidates that might be available. Which candidates are reasonable, and which are only dream targets? Look inside to find out.

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