They said you couldn’t parody “Blurred Lines” without skin suits. They said it couldn’t be done tastefully. And they were wrong.

After winning the NL East, the Atlanta Braves have plenty to celebrate—and their fans are doing it in style. discovered this recently released gem from Atlanta comedian Aaron Chewning, who collaborated with former catcher Javypez and members of the Braves organization to create “Baselines,” a parody of Robin Thicke’s hit single “Blurred Lines.”

Put simply, it’s pretty great.

Image via @AaronChewning

Chewning, López and Homer (the mascot) get their suit and tie on and strut it out. They’ve got the Uptons and the Johnsons. They’ve also got members of the Braves’ Tomahawk Team, who do a bang-up job of prancing about and looking completely fine with all this weird stuff, as in the original Robin Thicke spot.

Image via @AaronChewning

Some of my personal favorites from the parody:

  • “When you release the Kimbrel—HE’S GOT THE FASTEST PITCH IN THIS PLACE.”
  • Tomahawk team girls winging a bat at Homer’s head.
  • Anytime you get to see López strut backward through the frame.

Unlike the original video, it would appear no livestock was awkwardly cradled in the making of this parody, which I believe we can all agree is a big step forward for everyone.

Image via Vevo

So there you are. You have your rallying call and ballpark anthem for the rest of the postseason. The other good news is that your team won’t trade Justin Upton—not at this point in time at least.

At the trade deadline, the Braves turned down an offer from the Texas Rangers, who were looking to swap Matt Garza, Joe Nathan and David Murphy for the younger Upton. 

Be proud of your team, Braves fans. Just don’t slip and fall while dancing to this song in the shower.


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