Brandon McCarthy was finally released from the hospital following surgery to fix a skull fracture. We are glad to report that he is doing well and is still hilarious. 

As the Washington Post reports, McCarthy was struck in the head with a line drive last Wednesday and suffered an epidural hemorrhage, brain contusion and skull fracture.

He underwent two hours of surgery to relieve the pressure on his brain. Thankfully, though, the athlete was discharged on Tuesday and, as this tweet proves, was in great spirits:


That tweet is some kind of special.

Not only is it hilarious at face value, but it gives fans who know him a reason to let out a sigh of relief. If humor is indeed the best medicine, it’s McCarthy administering a great deal of aid to all of us who feared for his health. 

Of course, Team McCarthy is a two-person comedy troupe. His wonderful wife, Amanda McCarthy, is just as hilarious on Twitter and is a must-follow for any fan of much-needed chuckles. 

Here is her perfect retort to her rather rambunctious hubby:


Not that these were isolated incidents of humor, because both husband and wife prove capable of seeing the comedy in the most frightening of circumstances. 

Here is another gem from Brandon:


I guess we will give him a pass for the time being, especially if his wife plans on making him wear a helmet wherever he goes:


The great news of the day remains Brandon McCarthy going home to be with his loving family and getting a jump on the healing we hope is quick and complete. 

The Washington Post report issues that McCarthy is making steady progress and is able to walk down a hallway and go up and down four steps. 

It didn’t mention his ability to laugh and make others do the same, which is priceless. 


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