Because awful things never seem to truly die, two MLB franchises are digging deep into the fashion pile for “Zubazpalooza” day at the stadium. 

Big Lead reports the Oakland A’s are bringing back the audacious parachute pants for the dog days of summer, when we all stop caring about what looks good and dress for what makes the heat tolerable. has a full report on the A’s bringing back pants we thought had died or gone to live in Rob Gronkowski’s closet. Images via Zubaz‘s Facebook page. 

The A’s iteration of “Zubazpalooza” will go down on Saturday, August 3 at Coliseum. 

Fans that purchase a special Plaza Reserved ticket package will receive a pair of green and gold Zubaz pants at the afternoon game vs. the Texas Rangers.

The report states you can specify what size you want for your free Zubaz pants when you purchase the tickets for the game. Of course this begs the question of how you go about making sure everyone gets the proper size, something that once frazzled George Costanza. 

The A’s are not alone in their fashion endeavors. As Big Lead points out, the Chicago Cubs are throwing their very own “Zubazpalooza.” 

Sadly, those in the Chicago area will have to wait until September 23 to get their hands on their very own pair of outrageous pants. 

The club is running pretty much the same promo the A’s are with their game against the Pirates. Their statement offers: “The Chicago Cubs are pleased to announce the details of our inaugural Zubaz Night in the Budweiser Bleachers. Your Zubaz Night Special Event ticket includes a pair of official Zubaz pants in Chicago Cubs colors.”

Again, nothing worth remembering. Zubaz will live on much the same way jellies are apparently making a comeback

Sadly, I still see no mention of Hi-C Ecto Cooler or Squeez-Its coming back. Please remedy this quickly, world. 


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