As a Giants fan, this is painful for me to watch. It’s not that the Giants deserved to win the division, because they certainly didn’t. Still, you never want to see your division rivals beat you to dethrone you as the division champs.

But going beyond my own personal rooting interests, this is actually great to see. The baseball season is a long haul.

So, when a team surprisingly wins their division, it’s nice to see them cut loose and act like a kid, even if only for a few minutes.

After all, they are about to enter the postseason, which is grueling and intense. It’s refreshing to see a team take a nice break before entering that run.

What’s also refreshing is to see a team show genuine joy in winning the division. Too often, we see teams like the Yankees win the division and react like they just won a spring-training game.

The truth is, winning the division is a big deal and it should be celebrated. If you happen to play in a stadium that has a pool readily available, why not go jump in it? Actually, it makes me wish that the Giants had jumped into McCovey Cove after clinching last season’s division title.

I’ll be interested to hear the comments that come out of this.

I really don’t want to hear people say that the Diamondbacks disrespected the game or their opponents by doing this.

They won the division; they earned the right to jump in the pool.

There is only one problem with this: If they actually win a playoff series and happen to clinch at home, how do they follow up on this one?

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