With the final out of a very long game against the San Diego Padres where the Diamondbacks were drummed 10-1, the team gathered their things and headed to the airport to make the trip to Milwaukee for a three-game series with the Brewers after which they will travel to the nation’s capital for a three-game series with the Nationals.

That means it is time once again for another edition of the State of the Home Stand Address where I attempt to give a brief synopsis of the of the just concluded home stand. As always let’s begin with a disclaimer, the viewpoints expressed here are my own personal opinions and do not reflect the views of Major League Baseball, or any sane human being.

Any coherent thoughts either real or fictional are purely coincidental and are not meant to be taken internally. Should this happen please induce vomiting and immediately contact your doctor. Objects appearing in the blog may be closer than they appear. Your mileage may vary. Well that should protect us from any legal challenges that may arise.

This home stand began with a four-game series against the Washington Nationals. After a successful series against the Mets the Diamondbacks began the Nationals series with high hopes. Those hopes were quickly dashed. The four-game series with the Nationals ended with each team winning two games each.
In the first game former Diamondbacks pitcher Livan Hernandez shut down the Arizona offense in route to a 3-1 victory.

Game two saw the Chase Field debut for Joe Saunders who came over in the Dan Haren trade. Saunders threw a complete game allowing one run on five hits. The one run came in the first inning on a home run by Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman.

The third game saw a reversal of fortunes with the Nationals winning 7-2. Diamondbacks pitcher Ian Kennedy continued to struggle with his command and the Diamondbacks offense that looked so good the night before struggled mightily against Washington.

The final game of the series brought Barry Enright to the mound and he continued to show why the Diamondbacks are so high on his ability. Arizona won that game 8-4. All four Nationals runs came via solo home runs.

The first place San Diego Padres came to town for a three-game series that featured a tale of two teams going in opposite directions. Rather than an expected sweep by San Diego, Arizona would take two of three from the division-leading Padres including a dramatic game on Saturday.

Center fielder Chris Young would lead off the game with a home run to right field and would win the game in the bottom of the ninth inning with a walk-off home run to left field. Young would be just the fourth player in baseball history to accomplish that feat.

The attendance at Chase Field during this home stand saw an extreme fluctuation. During the Washington series the Diamondbacks would set a new low with just 15,670 fans in the stadium. During the San Diego series the Diamondbacks would see attendance of 48,946 to see the team retire the number of Luis Gonzalez.

The Diamondbacks continue to work on sponsorship deals. A new sign appeared after Monday’s game on the left field wall. The University of Phoenix joins Budweiser, Geico, and Purex on the wall making it nearly filled to center field.

There is not a lot to report with regards to concessions. Not much has changed since the last home stand. Hungry Hill still does not have spicy mustard and one employee admitted this was a cost saving measure. You can get spicy mustard at the Levy concessions but their hot dogs are not very good.

I have to admit, I have a new favorite food item at Chase Field, one that I am quickly becoming addicted to, cinnamon almonds at Cactus Corn. These are the most amazing snack I have ever eaten. For years I have smelled the cinnamon all around the concourse but have resisted due to the price.

This home stand I couldn’t resist and decided to try it. A small bag is $7 while a large is $12. As we went to purchase the vendor suggested coming back in 10 minutes for a fresh batch. When we did we were handed a warm container of freshly made almonds. There were amazing!

It’s about the only thing I think about now when I go to the ball game. That is the sign of a great product. I definitely suggest trying them yourself, you won’t regret it.

After the six-game road trip the Diamondbacks return to Chase Field to face the first-place Cincinnati Reds and the always tough Colorado Rockies. It should be a great home stand. So make arrangements now to come down to the ballpark and watch the Diamondbacks continue their role as spoiler to those teams hoping to make the post season.

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