Peter Bourjos just made Tuesday’s game between the Baltimore Orioles and Los Angeles Angels all about him.

In just the bottom of the first inning, Bourjos saw J.J. Hardy blast a 1-1 pitch to deep center and climbed the wall to take back what would have been a two-run home run. Even teammate Mike Trout must be jealous.

You can bet that Bourjos will be all over SportsCenter on Wednesday thanks to this gem of a catch, and I’d even venture so far as to say that this could be the catch of the year.

For those of you questioning whether moving Mike Trout to left field in place of Bourjos was a mistake defensively, I think we just got our answer.

This isn’t Bourjos’ first time robbing hitters, however. He has had five home-run-saving catches since 2010, which leads MLB.

Bourjos clearly has the speed, timing and athleticism to be an elite fielder, and he shows it off at regular intervals. We’ve seen him rob Daniel Murphy, make diving catches and simply become a hitter’s nightmare in 2011.

This must feel like deja vu for Hardy, as just last year he was robbed by an Angels center fielder, but that time it happened to be Trout.

Bourjos is back from the DL, and the fans love it.

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