The New York Yankees spanked the Seattle Mariners 7-2 Monday night, thanks largely to a nuclear meltdown by Felix Hernandez.

After three innings of solid pitching, Hernandez buckled under some unseen force and began handing out walks, one of which Alex Rodriguez gladly accepted to advance to first in the fourth inning.

Of course, being 39, Rodriguez requires a little oiling to keep the hinges moving, and the Yankees designated hitter applied liberal amounts of stretching and aerobics while waiting at first base.

It’s like looking back at an Olivia Newton-John video:

Notice Rodriguez’s finishing move at the end—a hard adjustment of the peach tree. You can’t stay aero with things running loosey-goosey on you. Rodriguez appreciates that, and while he’s definitely the one major leaguer who jogs in place at stop lights, he sticks to his routine.

Also, A-Rod had more hits than Robinson Cano last night. He may be practicing downward dog between innings, but he’s doing something right.


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