Alex Rodriguez took a 2-0 pitch in the first inning of the August 4th game versus the Toronto Blue Jays, and drove it out to Monument Park in center field of Yankee Stadium for his 17th home run of the season. 

Oh yea, it was also his 600th career home run!

After 46 homer-less at-bats in between 599 and 600, A-Rod becomes the seventh member to join the 600 Home Run Club.

While fans at Yankee Stadium were able to witness a truly historic moment, others may have been disappointed with the landing location of the ball.

There are no seats in Monument Park, and no fans were able to cash in on the ball, which was estimated to resell at more than $100,000. Reports say that a security guard caught the ball, and the ball was immediately handed over to the employee’s supervisor. A-Rod is rumored to treat the security guard to lunch with him and actress Cameron Diaz.

Throughout this saga, SeatGeek and Hit Tracker had posted predictions on the SeatGeek Blog as to whether A-Rod might hit 600. Click below to see the predictions for each stadium that A-Rod could have hit 600 at:

While the predictions were not correct, there was a substantially high likelihood that A-Rod’s 600th would land in Monument Park—12.8 percent to be exact.

Congratulations to Alex Rodriguez—the youngest player in the 600 Home Run Club!


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