Before Saturday’s game between the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox word spread Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez was sidelined. The news was true, Rodriguez was placed on day-to-day status.


The announcement gave Yankees fans plenty of reason to worry, because anyone with a brain had the same thought….WTF?


How did this happen to Rodriguez?


Then the replay tape of batting practice visually explained that new Yankee Lance Berkman hit a line-drive that nailed A-rod in the ankle. A-rod fell to the ground in an agony of pain.


Berkman felt awful, as it was his ball that might have cost the Yankees the season. It was an accident and accidents happen, but this was not good.


Minutes later the game started, Fox Sports announcer, and known Yankees hater, Joe Buck was openly proud of the fact that he was to blame for the injury.


Buck said he was waving to A-rod at the time, which caused the All-Star to turn and acknowledge Buck.


“I just said hello for literally one second to Joe and just got smoked,” Rodriguez said. 


Fact is the Yankee line-up struggles without Rodriguez. To put it more accurately, the Yankee bats are better with A-rod active.


Whichever way it’s phrased, A-rod has proved time and time again his worthiness, while Joe Buck continues to prove he is not a Yankees fan.



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