And just like that, Alex Rodriguez‘s one-man wolf pack grew by two. 

Yahoo! Sports’ Mike Oz took time away from Hot Stove watching to peruse the Twitter feeds of various MLB stars. 

Thanks to that report, we now have definitive proof that Rodriguez is in great spirits despite his appeal process that continues to linger.

What we have here is the baseball version of bro-ing out or, if you prefer, a snapshot of when gentlemen decide to let their hair down, put on their fancy attire and scream, “Guys’ night out!” in unison.

If you are wondering, being professional athletes means a jaunt out with buddies features a Jay-Z concert. Living the good life with A-Rod is budding star and one of the best fielders in the game, Manny Machado (Baltimore Orioles), as well as Yonder Alonso (San Diego Padres), who did hit nine home runs once. 

Alonso also posted this picture from the festivities. 

Oz does remind us that the link between all three, other than baseball, is Miami. Machado and Rodriguez are both from there and Alonso played at the University of Miami. 

So what does this all mean for you, Joe Q. Baseball Fan? Little. 

It does give us the hope that Rodriguez picked up his boys in his slick ride before the concert and had all three chant, “Let’s get weird!” before blasting a Beyonce song. 

It also means that Rodriguez is a lot closer to Machado than we previously thought. If you recall, Sporting News‘ Troy Machir reported back in June that the newly verified A-Rod was following the wrong Machado on Twitter. 

Well, it’s wrong only if you don’t want the latest scuttlebutt on interior design

In 2013, Alonso battled through injuries, managing just 97 games played. Machado, for his part, was having an All-Star season, but suffered a horrible knee injury this past September. And Rodriguez, well, we all know he could have had a better 2013. 

MLB stars are just like regular people, looking forward to the big lights and loud music that is the future. For one Thursday night in January, all of the ills of the world dissolved into sick Jay-Z anthems. 


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