Adam Dunn has already made it clear that he wants to be a Washington National for this season and in the future. With the numbers Dunn is putting up, he’s showing how he feels on and off the field.

At this point in the season, it would be easy for Dunn to look at where the Nationals are and just coast through the rest of the season. Yet Dunn refuses to do so and continues to go out everyday and produce for the Nationals.

After Wednesday night’s game against the Diamondbacks, Dunn’s two-homer game made him the league leader in home runs. When you look at the names alongside Dunn on the list, you will notice guys like Pujols and Votto in the midst of a playoff race, being forced to produce to help the team.

In Dunn’s case, if he decides to check out for the rest of the year, it would go unnoticed. The Big Donkey continues to play hard and help the team win any way he can.

When you are the Washington Nationals, there are not a ton of players wanting to play for you, especially not guys leading the league in homers.

Although it is true that Dunn is asking for a big contract during a time when the Nationals are trying to sign top draft pick Bryce Harper to what would have to be a record contract, Dunn is definitely showing the Nationals his worth.

Dunn continues to have a career year for the last place Nationals, carrying a batting average 25 points above his career average as well as fielding the ball surprising well over at first base.

Although he continues to live up to his reputation of striking out an absurd number of times, Dunn still manages to post a respectable average.

Other players on the Nationals notice how valuable Dunn is to the team and love having him alongside them in the dugout. It’s hard not to like a guy putting up huge numbers and at the same time having fun playing the game.

When you watch the Nationals and Dunn, one thing you are sure to see is the big first basemen smiling and having a good time as he chats up opposing players or as he blows a bubble while sprinting into second base.

Looking at how well Adam Dunn has played this season, on top of the fact that he WANTS to be a National, the Nats should definitely sign him because with the rotation they may be able to throw next season, a guy like Dunn can go a long way toward bringing the Nationals closer to the playoffs.

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