Dear Santa,

I don’t want too much for Christmas. There are just a few things I would love to see. I don’t even care about the presents underneath my Christmas tree.

I just want you to do a few things for the Oakland Athletics.

Please make the following wishes come true. If you can’t make all of these happen, Santa, then for your convenience, I have ordered them from least realistic to most realistic.


A Big-Name Slugger

After trading away five All-Stars since July, including big names like Yoenis Cespedes and Josh Donaldson, A’s fans need some assurance. They could use a big name to keep the hope alive that Oakland won’t fall deep into the cellar of the AL West.

Perhaps a shortstop?

Troy Tulowitzki would be fun to watch in green and gold, no doubt about it. And if he can stay healthy, he’d easily come close to (or jump past) Donaldson’s production.

The A’s like versatile players, and there are few more versatile in Major League Baseball than Ben Zobrist.

Look, some of us aren’t even picky.

Of course, that’s assuming the Cuban bat you bring us is of the power-hitting variety.

Mr. Kringle, I know this request is unlikely. But having a guy like Tulowitzki or Zobrist would mean a lot to this fanbase. It’d give us a sign that not all is lost. Simply put, it’d be exciting.


Increased Production from Second Base

Santa, I’m unsure if you are an A’s fan, let alone a baseball fan, but Oakland recently allowed Alberto Callaspo to sign elsewhere and released Nick Punto. That leaves Eric Sogard as the starting second baseman with Andy Parrino behind him (assuming Marcus Semien plays shortstop).

In 2014, Sogard appeared in 117 games, finishing with a batting average of .223 and an on-base percentage of .298. It wasn’t the best season for the king of the “#nerdpower” movement, and we’d like to see that change.

They didn’t provide specifics, but some A’s fans want that particular spot upgraded.

A few fellow fans and I would like you to simply gift Sogard a career year instead of bringing in outside, more expensive competition. Because why not have one of “our guys” succeed?


At the Least, Health for All

Mr. Claus, if there’s just one thing you can give the A’s in 2015, we humbly request good health for all.


There are a few nights before Christmas left, and many of us are stirring at the thought of what’s next. Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care. We can’t wait for you, St. Nicholas, to get here. You know we’ll be dreaming—dreaming of a green Christmas—just like the ones we used to know.

Hopefully, the 2015 season is somewhere between this:

And this:

And if it is, baseball season will be the most wonderful time of the year—just the way it always is.


Oakland A’s fans

PS: Seriously, please don’t let the A’s lose 100 games.

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