For starters, I despise using the word “epic”—it’s way too trendy for me.

But as I rolled through my inner thesaurus, epic fit. It fit so much that it outweighed the negative overtones that come with using such an overdone word.

Since the word has been so blurred and demeaned and been used to describe nouns from breakfast burritos to ankle socks, I feel it necessary to define the word of the day.

Epic is heroic; majestic; impressively great or of unusually great size or extent.

It is not potatoes with cheese wrapped in a tortilla, nor comfort and warmth for your feet.

The Rangers 2011 Opening Day will be of unusually great size. I never remember the team having to raffle off tickets for Opening Day. The words “lottery” and “Rangers tickets” rarely meet in the same story, nonetheless in the same sentence.

The playoff games were big, but its possible this will be bigger—and dare I say, epic.

I am in no way saying this game will mean more.

It won’t. It’s game one of 162 of the regular season.

But if you are lucky enough to go, it will be just as memorable and majestic.

Here’s five reasons the first game of 2011 will be epic for the Texas Rangers. 


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