The Washington Nationals have been maddeningly patient this winter, but the team still has a few months to let its fans stew and a short list of pieces that could fill its only visible hole: second base.

Nationals rumors this offseason have been largely dominated by who might be leaving the team. Jordan Zimmermann, Doug Fister and Ian Desmond are no closer to learning their fate. 

With this list comes a welcome break from that discussion and a look into who could potentially join the team before it’s all said and done.

Washington has seven solid, everyday position players and a starting rotation that could lose a member and still terrify a batting order. In fact, it’s very possible the Nationals trade Zimmermann to acquire the services of a new second baseman if his contract isn’t extended.

In the Nationals’ three-month search for a middle infielder, new names, like Ben Zobrist, have popped up, while some, like Mookie Betts, have been a constant.

Washington has the option to save its money and trade fodder by choosing not to bring in a new second baseman. In-house product Danny Espinosa would sure like to think so. 

But winter is meant for, among other things, hot stove speculation. And the following three players are the most likely to tempt the Nationals this offseason.

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