Here’s the first look at the 2015 Lester’s Legends designated hitter rankings.


1. Edwin Encarnacion, Toronto Blue Jays

Edwin Encarnacion has averaged 86 runs, 37.3 home runs and 104 RBI over the past three seasons. He’s a great bet for power, but as a .265 career hitter, he could hurt you in the batting-average category. Encarnacion also has first base eligibility.


2. David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox

David Ortiz just keeps raking. His averaged dipped to .263 in 2014, but Big Papi hit 35 home runs with 104 RBI. If he can match that home run total this year, he’ll reach the 500 mark.


3. Victor Martinez, Detroit Tigers

Victor Martinez turned in the finest season of his career in 2014 despite being 35. He set career highs by hitting .335 with 32 home runs. Martinez scored 87 runs and knocked in 103 RBI. It was the first time that V-Mart topped 25 home runs. V-Mart has first base eligibility as well, which helps his value.


4. Nelson Cruz, Seattle Mariners

Nelson Cruz hit .271 with 87 runs, 40 home runs, 108 RBI and four stolen bases in 2014. He will turn 35 this summer and has moved to Seattle, which should hurt his power numbers. Cruz has averaged 29.2 home runs over the past six seasons. Cruz has outfield eligibility as well.


5. Chris Carter, Houston Astros

Chris Carter will do some damage to your batting average. He hit .227 in 2014 to raise his career batting average to .222. Carter smacked 37 home runs and posted 88 RBI. His two-year averages for 2013 and 2014 are 33 home runs and 85 RBI. If you can offset Carter’s average, you’ll appreciate his power.


6. Shin-Soo Choo, Texas Rangers

Shin-Soo Choo hit .242 in 2014 with 58 runs, 13 home runs, 40 RBI and three stolen bases. From 2009-2013, he hit .288 while averaging 80 runs, 17.4 home runs, 66.6 RBI and 19.2 stolen bases. Choo also has outfielder eligibility.


7. Billy Butler, Oakland A’s

Billy Butler hit .271 in 2014 with 57 runs, nine home runs and 66 RBI. He has hit .295 in his eight-year career while averaging 62.8 runs, 15.9 home runs and 78.5 RBI. He doesn’t excel in any category, but Butler is pretty solid in four. He also has first base eligibility.


8. Carlos Beltran, New York Yankees

Carlos Beltran hit .233 in 2014 with 46 runs, 15 home runs and 49 RBI while dealing with elbow issues. He underwent surgery and should return to form. From 2011-2013, he averaged 80 runs, 26 home runs and 88.3 RBI. Beltran also has outfield eligibility, which helps his value.


9. Kennys Vargas, Minnesota Twins

Kennys Vargas hit .274 in 2014 with 26 runs, nine home runs and 38 RBI in 53 games. That put him on a pace for 79 runs, 28 home runs and 116 RBI. He likely won’t reach those numbers, but he should be able to put up solid power numbers.


10. Kendrys Morales, Kansas City Royals

Kendrys Morales was limited to 98 games in 2014 and finished with eight home runs and 42 RBI. He averaged 22.5 home runs and 76.5 RBI in 2012 and 2013.


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