Here’s the first look at the 2014 Lester’s Legends’ Catcher Rankings.

1. Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants

Buster Posey hit .294 with 61 runs, 15 home runs and 72 RBI. He’ll be 27 and is a year removed from a .336-78-24-103-1 line.

2. Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins

Joe Mauer has catcher eligibility, but moving away from the position should keep him fresher. Mauer hit .324 last year with 62 runs, 11 home runs and 47 RBI. He doesn’t offer much pop in his bat, but he’s a lifetime .323 hitter.

3. Carlos Santana, Cleveland Indians

Over the past three years, Carlos Santana has averaged .253 with 77 runs, 21.7 home runs and 76.3 RBI. His power is enough to compensate for the batting average.

4. Yadier Molina, St. Louis Cardinals

Yadier Molina is best known for his defensive ability, but over the past three years he has hit .313 while averaging 62.7 runs, 16 home runs, 73.7 RBI and 6.3 stolen bases.

5. Brian McCann, New York Yankees

I think the movie to Yankee Stadium will pay big dividends for Brian McCann. His average has slumped a bit in recent years, but the power is there. McCann has averaged 21.4 home runs and 79.8 RBI. He’ll have the luxury of playing DH from time to time.

6. Wilin Rosario, Colorado Rockies

Wilin Rosario has averaged 24.5 home runs and 75 RBI over the past two seasons. He narrowed the gap of his home-away splits last year as he posted a .817 OPS at home and a .785 mark on the road.

7. Salvador Perez, Kansas City Royals

Salvador Perez posted a .292-48-13-79-0 line last year. He won’t provide big-time power, but he’ll deliver a quality average.

8. Jonathan Lucroy, Milwaukee Brewers

Jonathan Lucroy has hit .285 over the past three years while averaging 50 runs, 14 home runs, 66.3 RBI and five stolen bases. He doesn’t excel in any category, but he’s solid across the board.

9. Matt Wieters, Baltimore Orioles

Matt Wieters was once called “Mauer with Power”. With three straight years with at least 20 home runs, the power part is true. You’ll have to deal with a lifetime .255 hitter though. During that three-year stretch he’s averaging 66 runs 22.3 home runs and 76.7 RBI.

10. Evan Gattis, Atlanta Braves

Evan Gattis slugged 21 home runs with 65 RBI last year. He’s a solid source of power at a reasonable value.

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