On Thursday evening, Major League Baseball teams will partake in the annual June draft, casting the future of the franchise into selections of players fresh out of high school or college. Their arrival into the minor league system will bring about projections, often towards the very, very optimistic side.

Of course, many high draft picks won’t pan out. On the other hand, many players will be undervalued, progress to a level not envisioned during the draft weekend and go on to become stars in the show.

Assessing the future of raw talent is an unenviable task for any talent evaluator in sports.

When the projection is correct, we’re told that those front office minds are simply doing their job correctly. But if that projection is wrong, it often results in the loss of a job.

Clearly, some talents, both good and bad, are easier to evaluate than others.

Bryce Harper was supposed to be a star. Yet so was Todd Van Poppel.

With two days left before these names hit your radar screen, here are the Top 10 Boom or Bust Draft Prospects in the 2013 Class.

Don’t be surprised if some are stars before long, but try not to hold your breath if they stall in the minors.

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