A big fuss has recently been made about the Wilpons statement that they might sell of around 25 percent of the New York Mets. Without getting into too many details, most of this has to do with the Bernie Madoff scandal.

Many people around baseball are making a big deal out of this.  That must be the result of a slow sports week in New York.  This should not ever be a top story.  In fact, the Steinbrenners only own 32.9 percent of the Yankees.

The New York Mets are one of only a few teams that have so much owned by one family.  The Wilpons own around 99 percent of the team.  Even if the Wilpons do sell of part of the team than it won’t really have a big effect on the team.

The Mets are looking for a person that will most likely not have an opinion on the team’s actions; all they will do is help the Mets’ capital.  The Wilpons will also still own the majority of the team.

They made it clear that they will not be selling off the whole team anytime soon.  The Wilpons will most likely be the Mets majority owners for a long time.

If they do sell off around 25 percent of the team then it might even be a good thing.  It could help the Mets financially  allow the team a little more flexibility with money.

This is not the time to be worrying about this nonsense.  Spring Training is right around the corner and hopefully Mets fans began to hear more and more about that.  There is nothing to worry about for the Mets right now except for how they will play this season. Here’s looking to Spring Training and real baseballit can’t come any sooner.

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