More than a month ago, during my last MLB mock draft, the Orioles were in line for the number one pick. Since then, they’ve been one of the hottest teams in baseball, and they also have a new manager in the form of Buck Showalter, so it looks like they’re time near the bottom of the barrel might be coming to an end.

The new “numero uno” belongs to the Pirates, and they might have one of the deepest pools of top-end talent to choose from in quite some time.

Just a quick update on the prospective top picks: Anthony Rendon is apparently recovering quite well from his ankle surgery, Sonny Gray was named Baseball America’s summer player of the year, and Bubba Starling has been one of the quickest risers in a deep high school class.

And in we go, to this, the most recent version of the 2010 MLB mock draft.

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