Preface: This article is not just the best players at each position, no matter the circumstances (payroll, player preferences, owners, etc). The criteria used for the article includes all of the before mentioned attributes and they are factored in to each position.

The 2010 season is over for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Faithful fans are still watching, but the Boys in Blue are really only mathematically in it, not realistically.

As such, many are already looking forward to next season, and what could be for the Dodgers under certain circumstances.

Here are the optimal choices at each position, given payroll expenses and availability. For the sake of structure, only 2011 free agents are considered, although free agents with potential options in their contract are included.

According to, the Dodgers will still owe $15 million in deferred payments to former outfielders Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones.

The Dodgers will have $40 million to play with right out of the gate, but they’ll have Hiroki Kuroda and Vicente Padilla to resign, and both are expected to ask for higher salaries.

“Andre Ethier, Rafael FurcalJonathan Broxton, and Matt Kemp account for the raises.  More increases will be due to arbitration-eligibles: Chad BillingsleyJames Loney, and Hong-Chih Kuoenter their second year, Russell Martin his third, and George Sherrill his fourth.”

Sherill will most likely be non-tendered as well due to his poor performance and high $5 million salary. 

When all is said and done, the Dodgers will have a payroll around $100 million-$120 million, with about a $35 million-$50 million allowance.

Of course, all this depends on the status of the divorce between Frank and Jamie McCourt.

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