The 2011 season is almost here, and as spring training begins, the offseason ends.

Teams will inevitably look slightly to substantially different on opening day then they do now, but we at least have a pretty good idea of each teams 40-man roster and ideal depth chart.

I have graded each team’s projected 25-man roster in terms of starting pitching, bullpen, infield/catcher, Outfield/DH, and coaching. For infield and outfield grades, offense and defense are equal factors.

These grades and projections are all done as objectively and carefully as possible, each player was considered. A potentially excellent 5th outfielder could change a C- outfield to a C, and a bullpen with one extra great reliever could go up from a B- to a B. I was precise in my grades.

The projected records are based on a combination of the team’s five letter grades as well as the strength of their division. Overall, the American League is projected to finish over .500, but I have balanced it so that the MLB is projected at exactly .500.

Just as we all can’t wait for the season to start, you can’t wait to stop reading this pointless introduction. So here we go.

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