Few things have been more certain that Cliff Lee’s dominance in the playoffs over the last two seasons.

Sure, there’s the sunrise and, nearly as certain, sunset.

There’s Glenn Beck angering liberals and Jon Stewart offending conservatives. 

And there’s MTV killing the brain cells of children with Jersey Shore.

But other than those things, there are few things you could set your clock by with more certainty than Cliff Lee shutting down opponents in October. Going into last night’s Game 1 of the World Series, Lee had allowed only two postseason earned runs while striking out 35 and walking one.


Nevertheless, Lee got shellacked last night. Courtesy of baseballreference.com blogger “Andy”, we now know that Lee’s performance is tied for the 13th-worst Game Score in World Series Game 1 history.

Wow again.

Never fear, though, Cliff Lee fans. The company he’s keeping on this list is actually pretty impressive. Here is a look at the top seven pitchers to have sucked as bad as Cliff Lee did in Game 1 of a World Series.

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