According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Tampa Bay Rays are currently the “favorites” to land the Washington Nationals first baseman Adam Dunn.

Is there really another deal that makes this much sense? 

The Rays could use another slugger. Dunn could use the playoff spotlight to propel himself to a major contract in the off-season.

So why does this deal seem almost too good to be true?

Dunn has been vehement that he does not want to be a Designated Hitter.  The Rays are worried about another Pat Burrell situation, acquiring a hitter who never adjusts to being a DH.

And yet, the Rays are considered the favorites to land the perennial 40 HR slugger. 

What raises concerns is how Dunn is not willing to be a team player in order to join in a pennant chase.  It makes you wonder if Dunn is even concerned with contending or is he more concerned with no longer bouncing around.

Dunn to the Rays makes a lot of sense.  If the Rays want to pass the Yankees, a trade like this is a direct shot in the arm.

Here is how the Rays lineup would look with Dunn:

2B Ben Zobrist

LF Carl Crawford

3B Evan Longoria

1B Carlos Pena

DH Adam Dunn

RF Matt Joyce

CF B.J. Upton

C John Jaso

SS Jason Bartlett


Adam Dunn would give the Rays another power threat to solidify the Rays lineup.  Dunn and Pena would provide the most potent duo in the AL (47 combined HR would be an MLB-high). 

And it would be coming at a time when Pena hits his annual summer hot streak.  Pena has homered in three of his last six games. 

He has driven in seven runs in his last three games. Here’s a glimpse of what could be on the horizon in August:

07 – .267, 8 HR, 25 RBI, .409 OBP

08 – .278, 9 HR, 28 RBI, .450 OBP

09 – .247, 12 HR, 29 RBI, .364 OBP

Combine Pena and Dunn, along with All-Star Evan Longoria and the Rays have a middle of the order that can challenge even the Bronx Bombers.

Dunn to the Rays?

The next 48 hours will tell whether Rays fans will need to start wearing hard hats in the outfield.

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