With the seventh overall selection in the 2010 baseball draft the New York Mets select… Matt Harvey.

RHP Matt Harvey, a North Carolina product was selected by the Mets yesterday, marking the first time since the drafting of Mike Pelfrey in 2004 that they have drafted someone in which they think they can make a star out of.

The 21-year old Harvey is almost an exact replica of Mike Pelfrey the way he plays the game, 6-4, 225 pounds, and a hard fastball that top’s out at 98 MPH, Harvey will need to develop more off speed stuff to become a prominent big leaguer.

Heres how I see it, it took Pelfrey a few years to develop his breaking stuff just after being drafted and struggled in the big leagues his first few seasons called up, expect the same with Harvey. He’s not a guy who will come up and change the entire demeanor of the clubhouse like whats going on in Washington with Stephen Strasburg and Bryce Harper, but he if he works hard enough on developing his off speed stuff that could get him by in the major leagues, his fastball can carry him the rest of the way and he could be someone very similar to (the possible all-star?) Pelfrey, but were gonna have to give him a few years.

Harvey wasn’t projected to go in the top 10, but Mets scouts really had a liking for the guy and took him early. Over his three year career at UNC, Harvey had a 2.70 ERA in 2008, a 5.70 ERA in 2009 and this season had a 3.09 ERA this season at UNC.

One thing that really caught my eye was this kids longevity into games. He threw 157 pitches through 8.2 innings this year, having a guy like that going deep into his starts for the Mets would be great, keep in mind though it will be a few years before he gets called up, so there will probably be a new look bullpen (fingers crossed Feliciano retires a Met!).

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