It’s not even close to Halloween, but these performances were scary bad for their teams this week.


1) 3B Chipper Jones, ATL

Braves fans everywhere are shedding a tear for their favorite third baseman. Jones had a terrible week of baseball.

He only had one hit in 20 at-bats, leaving him with a .050 AVG for the week. Since he can’t hit his way to first base, he has been able to force six walks this week.


2) C Victor Martinez, BOS

The Boston Red Sox are losing a lot more than anyone expected. With V-Mart’s production mimicking David Ortiz’s, is there any wonder why?

Martinez only had two hits this week after 17 at-bats. He only had two RBI and finished the week with a .118 AVG.


3) OF/DH Jose Guillen, KC

The Royals have not been a good team in some time, and with Guillen’s production this week, he isn’t helping.

He was 3-for-25 and finished the week with a horrific .125 AVG.


4) 2B Rickie Weeks, MIL

Weeks was 4-for-32 and had a .125 AVG for the week. This week devastated his awesome start and dropped his overall average to .265.


5) C Russell Martin, LAD

Martin only had three hits in 24 tries this past week. The Dodgers catcher was left with a .125 AVG after a nightmare of a week.


6) 1B Lance Berkman, HOU

Berkman was only able to pull off two hits in 15 at-bats. The only light was one of his two hits was a home run, but that didn’t save him from a .133 AVG for the week.


7) OF Juan Pierre, CWS

Pierre is on the list once again. He was only 3-for-22 and only sent two teammates across the plate. A .136 AVG this week wasn’t what the White Sox had in mind when they acquired him after some success with the Dodgers.


8) 3B Alex Rodriguez, NYY

A-Rod takes the place of his teammate Mark Teixeira on the list this week. Rodriguez was 3-for-21 and finished his dismal week with a .133 AVG.


9) DH Hideki Matsui, LAA

The “Thrilla from Godzilla” was more like a baby lizard this week. Matsui was just like his old teammate, Alex Rodriguez, when he hit 3-for-21 this past week.


10) SS Jose Reyes, NYM

Mets superstar Jose Reyes was only 4-for-26 and left the week with a .154 AVG.

Reyes is likely still trying to find his swing after missing most of spring training. Fantasy owners shouldn’t be too worried about the last few weeks.

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